Get it RIGHT get it TIGHT! Tone and tighten in all the right places with our signature total body sculpting and strengthening class. You’ll werk werk werk your way to a stronger, leaner, toned body with our ever changing choreography. Results? You better believe it! Get ready to break a sweat & build your #RITUALbody

Level up with gliders, ankle weights, hand weights & resistance bands for an added challenge. Equipment is optional if you are without or limited.

  • 10 Min Ultimate Sculpt Burn

    A muscle-shaking Sculpt workout to target your entire lower body. These are Elmira's go-to moves!

  • 20-60 Min Full Body

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  • Signature Class

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    A soulful mind body workout that blends yoga, pilates and bursts of high-intensity cardio to sculpt and build a strong and resilient body, mind and spirit. Consciously move to the rhythm of a curated playlist and cultivate a deeper connection to your inner self. It’s a body-weight workout with no...

  • Hip Hop Sculpt

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    Redefine your physique and ignite your muscles in this dance-inspired workout choreographed to a curated hip hop playlist. This unique class combines easy to follow dance moves with sculpting sequences to make your soul smile and leave you feeling strong and fierce with a side of good vibes.

  • Prenatal & Postnatal Sculpt

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    Please check with your doctor to make sure you are clear to perform these exercises. A general rule, if something doesn’t feel right - MODIFY! The further along you are in pregnancy the more you will need to modify to protect yourself and baby. Listen to your body and stay safe!