20-60 Min Full Body

20-60 Min Full Body

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20-60 Min Full Body
  • NEW 26 Min Pilates Glutes and Thighs w/ Jen

    Work your glutes and thighs while finding your deep abdominal connection in this Pilates matwork class. You'll focus on all the muscles in your booty and sculpt your thighs with the added resistance of a loop band.

    Optional equipment: Loop band

  • 30 Min Full Body Glow w/ Jen

    Ignite your arms, upper back, core and glutes as you sculpt and tone with the use of a block. Strengthen and balance your entire body for a balanced burn.

    Equipment: Yoga block or a sturdy book to stand on

  • 21 Min Tone Thighs & Strong Core w/ Jen

    Lengthen & tone your inner and outer thighs while sculpting and strengthening your entire core. Option to level up with light ankle weights for an added challenge.

  • 37 Min Head to Toe Sculpt & Tone w/ Jen

  • 23 Min Total Body Sculpt w/ Elmira

    This class emphasizes deep, full-range resistance work that builds stability, control, and stamina. You'll use a slider or a towel and a light set of weights to target your arms, legs, and obliques.

  • 27 Min Lift & Tone Full Body Sculpt w/ Jen

    A full body express class that has it all. Warm up the body with a quick flow followed by a standing arms series in goddess pose. Transition to the mat to lift and tone your booty and lengthen and strengthen your thighs. Option to level up with 1-2lb ankle weights.

  • 37 Min Pilates Ballet Fusion w/ Jen

    This high-energy class combines Pilates and Ballet inspired moves to build your strength, mobility in your hips and tone your body from head to toe. This full body burn workout will focus on targeting your inner and outer thighs throughout the class.

  • 20 Min Toned Inner Thigh Burn w/ Elmira

    Tap into your strength with this lower-body focused workout. You’ll fire up your hamstrings, quads, and inner and outer thighs for a workout to leave you feeling powerful and rooted in mind, body and spirit.

  • 22 Min Obliques, Arms, Thighs w/ Jen

    A quick and energizing Pilates Yoga Fusion workout designed to help you connect to your center and build strength in your entire core as well as tone your arms and thighs. Option to level up with light ankle weights.

  • 37 Min Strong & Centered Sculpt w/ Jen

    Strengthen from head to toe as well as your mind body connection through a series of dynamic Sculpt sequences. You'll warm up with a flow followed by a standing arms and lunge series to fire up your core and challenge your balance. Activate your glutes and increase mobility in your hips in a chor...

  • 40 Min Best of 2021 Sculpt w/ Jen

    Move to the beat of Jen’s favourite songs of 2021. Celebrate all your growth and milestones from this past year with Jen’s most loved Sculpt sequences. Look forward into the New Year ready to feel your strongest and more connected with your mind, body and spirit.

    Equipment: Yoga strap or hand to...

  • 40 Min Pilates Yoga Fusion w/ Jen

    A low impact total body workout that will hit every muscle from head to toe. This class blends movement sequences inspired from yoga, barre, boxing and Pilates. Level up and increase intensity by adding in ankle weights or even using them around your hands for the arm sequence.

  • 35 Min Full Body Sculpt w/ Jen

  • 26 Min Easy on the Wrists Sculpt w/ Jen

    This Sculpt class will tone and lengthen your entire body without putting any weight on your wrists. It will teach you how you can modify your practice to accomodate wrist issues while reinforcing supportive alignment techniques.

  • 24 Min Oblique & Inner Thigh Burner w/ Jen

    Strengthen, tone and anchor into the power of your oblique and deep core stabilizers in this side body focused Sculpt class. You'll the move into a fiery Pilates sideline series for a targeted burn in the inner thighs. If you're advanced, you can level up with light ankle weights.

  • 23 Min Pilates Fusion Booty Burn w/ Jen

    This class is all about connecting to your body through the engagement of your muscles. You'll focus on inner resistance, control and technique to build strength in your backside. Strong glutes can reduce lower back pain, improve your posture and sculpt a toned and tight booty ;)

    Optional equipm...

  • 30 Min Loop Band Full Body Sculpt w/ Jen

    In this full body class, you'll move through dynamic standing work to strengthen and work your legs and upper body stability then you'll take it to the mat for targeted glute and thigh toning. No band? You can always do this workout without.

    Optional equipment: Loop resistance band and 2-3lb han...

  • 22 Min Strengthen and Stretch Sculpt w/ Jen

    Fire up your core and sculpt long, lean muscle in this Pilates-inspired class that will tighten and tone your powerhouse. You’ll warm up with a flow and upper body toning, burn the backside in a shoulder bridge sequence then sculpt your abs in a fiery core series on your back.

  • 30 Min Long & Strong Sculpt w/ Jen

    Tighten and tone your powerhouse as sculpt long, lean muscle from head to toe. In this class you will:
    - Strengthen and define your core muscles
    - Lengthen your body and improve your posture

    Optional set of 1-2lb ankle weights
    - Improve your balance, flexibility, and body control

  • 30 Min Dancer Arms & Toned Thighs Sculpt w/ Jen

    Get ready to fire up all your all muscles to build strength and mobility in this express Sculpt class. You'll warm up with a flow followed by a tricep burner and dancer arms series to tone the upper body. Transition to a spicy sideline sequence to target your glutes and thighs and finish with a q...

  • 31 Min Full Body Sculpt w/ Jen

    When you don't have a time for a full class, but craving a challenging full body burn. You'll work every muscles while activating and toning your core with standing lunges using a block. Finish off with a spicy Pilates sideline series to target your thighs and glutes.

    Suggested equipment: Yoga b...

  • 23 Min Flow x Sculpt w/ Jen

    A challenging and efficient full body class that will help you build your strength, flexibility and stamina. You'll move fluidly through dynamic yoga inspired poses with focus on alignment and your breath. Level up by adding a set of light ankle weights.

  • 28 Min Pilates Sculpt Fusion w/ Jen

    Improve your strength, posture, flexibility, and coordination in this bodyweight Pilates inspired Sculpt class. You'll ignite your triceps, core and lower body in a methodical way by fine tuning your form and alignment. Level up in the all 4s series with a long band or light ankle weights.

  • 28 Min Express Full Body Burn w/ Jen

    Suggested equipment: 2-3lb hand weights and optional long resistance band or ankle weights.