20-60 Min Full Body

20-60 Min Full Body

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20-60 Min Full Body
  • 28 Min Express Full Body Burn w/ Jen

    Suggested equipment: 2-3lb hand weights and optional long resistance band or ankle weights.

  • Sep 22 Full Body Sculpt (in-studio) w/ Jen

    Live Full Body Sculpt class filmed at our studio in Britannia.
    Suggested equipment: 2-3lb hand weights, optional long band or ankle weights.

  • 38 Min Full Body & Core Focus Sculpt w/ Jen

    Get ready to feel the fire in this total body toner with a focus on sculpting your entire core. A great class if you are on the go and have no equipment. Advanced? Add light ankle weights for a fiery challenge.

  • Sep 13 In-Studio Full Body Sculpt w/ Jen

    Get the in-studio experience our Full Body Sculpt in this full length live class. No muscle will go untouched in this total body upbeat and energetic class. Let's SCULPT.

    Suggested equipment: 2-3lb hand weights, optional ankle weights.

  • 30 Min Glutes, Thighs & Core Sculpt w/ Jen

    Work your backside from all angles, sculpt long lean legs and challenge your core in this fiery Sculpt class. You'll move through an all 4s and sideline mat series then transition to your back with a small towel as a prop to engage and activate your deep abdominal muscles.

    Equipment: 2-3lb hand ...

  • 25 Min Full Body Sock Sizzle w/ Jen

    Get ready to feel the sizzle in this energizing Sculpt class that will challenge and have you feeling the burn in all the right places. You'll tone the upper body with a towel arm sequence, then move through a lunge series that will engage your core and finish off with fiery and dynamic plank var...

  • 25 Min Full Body Loop Band w/ Jen

    You'll use a loop resistance band in this class that combines upper and lower body strength sequences to tone and tighten from head to toe while deeply engaging your core. Warm up with a flow followed by a band arm series then hit the mat to burn your thighs and glutes.

    Suggested equipment: Loop...

  • 39 Min Powerhouse Sculpt w/ Jen

    A well-rounded practice that will strengthen muscles by firing up the entire body with an emphasis on engaging your abs and obliques. Move through a flow to warm up, then challenge yourself with a 5lb arm and standing lunge sequence. Transition to the mat to work a Pilates-inspired lower body and...

  • 23 Min Full Body Glow Signature x Sculpt w/ Elmira

    This total-body blast celebrates the power of dynamic movement.You’ll target the muscles of your entire body through heart-pumping exercises that will leave you energized and glowing.

  • 38 Min Lengthen & Strengthen Full Body w/ Jen

    Build long and lean muscle as you move through a steady but energizing Sculpt sequence that incorporates optional ankle/wrist weights to kick things up a notch. You'll round out the class with a 'time under tension' core series that will tighten and tone your mid section.

  • 26 Min Bodyweight Sculpt & Core Challenge w/ Jen

    Build long and lean lines by targeting the upper body, lower body and core with no equipment. You'll work on perfecting your form and engaging your muscles and for a full body burn.

  • 32 Min Signature Full Body Sculpt w/ Jen

    Get ready to work your arms, shoulders, glutes, and legs all while using your core to support every movement in this express version of our signature Sculpt class. Option to level up with ankle weights for a spicy challenge.

    Suggested equipment: 2-5lb hand weights

  • 35 Min Total Body Toner w/ Jen

    Strengthen, tone and increase stamina to the beat a fun and upbeat playlist including Usher and Beyonce. A great express class that combines everything you love from a full length class.

    Suggested equipment: 2-3lb hand weights and 1-2lb ankle weights.

  • 25 Min Inner Thighs & Glutes Sculpt w/ Elmira

    TONE + STRENGTHEN in this quick and effective Sculpt class that will target the tough-to-reach inner thighs and all angles of the glutes. Get ready to feel the BURN!

    Suggested equipment: 3-5lb hand weights, 1-2lb ankle weights and loop band.

  • 40 Min Total Body ‘En Fuego’ w/ Jen

    Get ready to feel the ‘fire’ in this full-body class! You’ll begin with a flow followed by an upper body standing series to build strength and definition. The mat series focuses on your “side booty” aka glute medius - an integral and usually undeveloped muscle group and your triceps. You’ll finis...

  • 36 Min Total Body Toning Sculpt w/ Jen

    A full-body Sculpt workout designed to challenge your abs, glutes, legs, and arms. You'll focus on high repetitions and precise form as you lift, wrap, and carve your way through this dynamic 36-minute sequence.

  • 26 Min Pilates for Runners & Cyclists w/ Jen

    If you are a runner or cyclist, Pilates can be very beneficial not only to build speed and improve running technique but also to help reduce your risk of injury. This is a great workout to do on your off days or right before your workout as a core and glute activation to get the all the right mus...

  • 30 Min Strong & Sculpted w/ Jen

    Tone and strengthen in this express full body Sculpt class. Prepare to get sweaty and feel the burn in all the right places.

    Suggested equipment: 2-3lb hand weights.

  • 23 Min No-Equipment Full Body Workout w/ Elmira

    A full body workout that you can do without equipment, wherever and whenever you like ♥︎ You'll target the muscles on your entire body to give you a good sweat. Grab a towel or yoga mat and let's do this together! NO EXCUSES.

    Oprah Super Soul podcast reference: The Give

  • 25 Min Sculpt (Arms, Abs & Booty) w/ Jen

    Sculpt and build length and strength as you target your triceps, tone your thighs and lift your backside - all while activating and engaging your core. A great full body express class to work your muscles from top to toe. Level up by adding light ankle weights for the floor series.

    Suggested equ...

  • 32 Min Total Body Yoga Pilates Workout w/ Elmira

    Join Elmira for this Pilates and Yoga fusion workout designed to activate and strengthen your entire body. Unlock newfound strength, develop heightened control with mindful movement, and create long and lean lines.

    Suggested equipment: Light hand weights and optional yoga block.

  • 40 Min Strong & Empowered Sculpt w/ Jen

    Boost your energy and get ready to feel strong in this full body Sculpt class. You'll begin with a feel good dance cardio followed by a spicy arm and slider sequence. Then hit the mat to lengthen and tone your thighs, calves and glutes.

    Suggested equipment: Slider/small towel, 1-3lb hand weights...

  • Full Body Sculpt 01 w/ Elmira

    Optional equipment:
    1-3lb hand weights
    1-3lb ankle weights

  • 31 Min Barre Strong w/ Shaima

    Tone and sculpt your entire body with challenging barre-inspired full body workout that will increase your endurance and stamina. You'll pulse, jump and lift your way to stronger thighs, seat, calves, arms and abs.

    Equipment: 1-3lb hand weights.